Eagers Automotive


Our quality aftercare products have been designed to meet the highest standards of quality and performance. You can be sure of their durability, safety, fit and finish. They will be fitted by aftercare experts to ensure they function exactly as expected on your new vehicle.

Our aftercare options include modern paint protection solutions, protective leather treatments, window tinting and nitrogen gas fills that keep your tyres at the right pressure, longer.

Window Tints

Our range of automotive window tints are perfect for those who want to add security, sun protection or enhance the appearance of their new car.

Paint Protection

Paint protection keeps your car looking shiny and new, it protects the paint from fading and from harsh elements like sea salt, bird dropping, sunscreen, acid rain.

Leather Protection

Leather protection stops your leather ageing prematurely, cracking and helps retain suppleness. It also protects against everyday soiling and spills which saves you time cleaning your leather upholstery.

Fabric protection

Fabric protection helps to resist everyday soiling and prevents spills from permanently staining your fabric or carpets. It also helps your upholstery to retain its new look for longer and saves you time by making your interior fabrics easy to clean. Odour free, non-allergenic and child safe.

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