Eagers Automotive

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Our Values

Here at Eagers Automotive our mission is to empower and inspire leading automotive environments, to deliver customer excellence with consistency, efficiency and sustainability. Our mission is supported by five key values.


We have ambition and the love of what we do. It provides us with the very special view of the world that makes us go that little bit further.


We help frame the pathway our team will follow. We empower and support them in their journey. We are to create opportunities for success, knowing the responsibility that comes with it.


We willingly adopt and consistently apply actions, values, methods and principles based on the knowledge and skill we hold personally. We hold the accuracy of our actions as key to our outcomes.


We believe in all our people regardless of orientation, race or physical ability. We value the good qualities and capabilities that they all bring to our workplace.


We believe in creating beneficial outcomes for the business and our people, both for now and the future. We provide the focus to exceed our customer’s needs, to such a degree, that we create connection, growth and profitability.