Eagers Automotive

Types of Finance

We have a range of options available to fund your vehicle purchase.

Hire purchase

A simple finance option for all buyers. From no deposit, you own your vehicle and still get for business tax benefits*

  • Pay as you go, but drive away now
  • Flexible Deposits
  • Options to include accessories and servicing
  • Flexible structured payments
  • Tax benefits (for businesses)

Finance lease

Ideal for small-to-medium businesses, a financier leases the vehicle for business purposes to the driver who makes monthly repayments. A finance lease offers flexibility to sell, upgrade or refinance your vehicle.

  • Option to purchase at the end of term
  • Flexible options for the residual value
  • Option to refinance the residual balance over an agreed term
  • Tax benefits (for businesses)
  • Options to include accessories and servicing

Operating lease

Perfect for businesses and fleets that need access to great vehicles with fixed operating costs. Choose from maintained or non-maintained options.

  • Off balance sheet item
  • Claim rental as expense
  • Reduced residual liability
  • Return or replace vehicle at the end of lease term

* Personal/business tax arrangements may vary – we recommend talking to your accountant or financial advisor.