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Workshop Experience

Workshop Experience

Auckland dealership Manukau Nissan initiated a new work experience this week in an effort to drive greater understanding and empathy between the workshop and frontline staff.

With a purpose of ultimately driving an improved customer experience, office-based participants were invited to join technicians for half a day to gain a better picture of how the workshop operates and breakdown some of what is involved in the more common vehicle maintenance and repair jobs.

Manukau Nissan’s service advisors, Abigail Moses and Ayla Bargh had their opportunity to experience the workshop experience this week. On two consecutive mornings, Abigail and Ayla were given the opportunity to observe a Warrant of Fitness being carried out on a vehicle, experience a road test and checking vehicle fluid levels.

Workshop Experience

Ayla explained “I developed a better understanding of the workshops time management processes and gained a better work balance relationship with the workshop team”.

Manukau Nissan Service Manager, Craig Whiteman commented “Ayla and Abby enjoyed getting their hands dirty while learning more about what’s involved during a vehicle service. Not only did it give them a chance to see first-hand the workshop process, it gave them knowledge to better communicate with our customers.”

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