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Richard Fish | Sales Team Member

Having started with the North Harbour group back in October 1983, Richard Fish has been a part of many changes throughout his 37 years with the business. Originally from Wales, Richard left the UK for a new opportunity in New Zealand after being made redundant from the steel industry.

His first job in New Zealand was as a Supervisor in a factory, however as the working conditions were somewhat dangerous, he knew it wasn’t the career for him. He heard about a sales person role going, with training provided, so thought he would apply. After successfully landing the role, this marked the beginning of a long and exciting career in automotive.

Richard Fish

Richard initially began with the group at New Lynn Motors, before moving to Henderson where he worked as a Sales Manager for 2 years and then John Andrew. He moved to North Harbour, where he has now worked for over 23 years. During his career he estimates that he has sold over 7,000 vehicles.

When asked what his favourite memory from his career has been, Richard had too many to choose from. One of his favourites was winning a competition back in 1998 for selling the most Fords over a three month period. The prize was an all inclusive trip to Hawaii, which as he had just got married, he used this trip as a honeymoon.

Another favourable memory was that of his customer Ron Caddy. Ron won the lottery and his new pass time became cars. Ron had a habit of buying a new car every 3 months, over a period of 7 years. Every time he bought them from Richard, who estimates Ron would have bought around 30 cars from him. The story of Ron’s penchant for buying cars even made it onto the front page of the Western Leader.

Richard Fish
Richard Fish

Over the years Richard has been a part of many changes throughout the group. Most recently easyauto123 launched within New Zealand. Formerly North Harbour Premium Used, this was rebranded to easyauto123 North Harbour, where Richard now works as part of the Sales Team. One of the elements Richard enjoys most about his role, is working a good group of young people, as he says they keep him young.

Having built up an impressive customer base during his time with the North Harbour Group, when asked what advice he would give to someone just starting out in the industry, Richard offered the following insight, “Just listen to the customer, it’s about them, not you. Be their best friend. We fulfill more of a facilitator role than that of a sales person.”

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