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Electrify your fleet

Considering electrifying your fleet? Eagers Automotive Fleet is your one stop shop for electric, PHEV and Hybrid vehicles. Boasting an enviable line up of environmentally friendly automotive options, Eagers Automotive can assist you and your business with going green.

Reduce your carbon footprint

With leading businesses actively focusing on reducing their carbon footprints, now is an ideal time to reevaluate your fleet. Transitioning to an electric line up is one of the most proactive moves your business can make in terms of going green, plus Eagers Automotive Fleet makes it easy.

Sustainable solution

Not only is electrifying your fleet an environmentally friendly option for your business, but itcould also be a financially beneficial move too. Opting for a full electric vehicle will completely remove the cost of fuel, whereas moving to a PHEV or hybrid vehicle will lead to lower fuel consumption.

There are also lower maintenance costs for EVs. An electric vehicle has fewer moving parts in comparison to a typical petrol or diesel car, meaning you can save money by not having to worry about oil changes, spark plugs and gearboxes.

Attracts and retains staff

Offering transport solutions for your team is a fantastic way to recognize valued staff members. Better yet is ensuring that your fleet is environmentally friendly. With sentiment growing for greener alternatives, staff are likely to value initiatives that combat climate change.

Clean Car discount

There are many benefits to going electric, one of which is you may be eligible for a rebate as part of the government’s Clean Car Discount.

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Explore the electric range at Eagers Automotive

At Eagers Automotive our line-up features an impressive range of EVs, PHEVs & Hybrids. The range is only going to get bigger with new electric additions landing in New Zealand over the next few years. With a number of enticing benefits to electrifying your vehicle, there’s never been a better time to go green. Take a look at the full Eagers Automotive range below.

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