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Danielle Rawhiti | Customer Relations Manager

Sitting down to chat with Danielle Rawhiti (Danni), the manager of AHG NZ’s first centralised Customer Relations team. We learn she came from a diverse background of varied management roles and industries before she fell into the Automotive industry. Danni started with AHG NZ in May 2019 and says she was attracted to this role because of the opportunity to create a department and team from the ground up. Danni adds “It was really exciting with AHG NZ to have the opportunity to take something from nothing, and to build something great.” Dani recalls walking in on her first day to an empty office, then a short 3 months later looking around the room seeing a fully functioning department and team. “It’s a great memory.”

Danielle Rawhiti

Asked about the meaning of customer service, Danni says “to put it simply it means everything. It means giving people a positive experience they didn’t expect and always striving for the WOW factor. Customer service is emotive; it’s about creating an individualised experience for each customer.”

Each day is very different in the Customer Relations office, and Danni explains her role is to lead a team of customer service specialists to give customers the best experience possible. “What gets me out of bed everyday is having the opportunity to lead an incredible team and create incredible experiences for customers; hunting for the WOWs! Its also about teaching my team to strive to be better each day” says Danni.

Danielle Rawhiti

Outside of work Danni loves to spend time with her family and grandchildren and she also enjoys a spot of fishing on the weekends. We talk sports and her favourite team is the All Blacks, “I think we can learn a lot from the management and discipline in that team says Danni. “They lead from the top with humility and are never satisfied with average. I truly believe discipline brings freedom and I try to live that every day.”

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