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Eagers Automotive Roadside Assistance

Key things to know about your Eagers Automotive Roadside Assist policy:

  • You must register your Eagers Automotive Roadside Assist policy within 14 days of receiving your unique activation code (this will be given to you at time of vehicle purchase or applicable recommended service) to validate your policy.
  • Vehicles with a valid Eagers Automotive Roadside Assist policy prior to November 2018 have the option to renew their membership each time the vehicle is serviced (recommended service) at an Eagers Automotive Dealership (a fee may apply).
  • You need to be registered for a minimum of 48 hours prior to being assisted or fees and charges will apply.
  • Roadside assistance will be provided 24 hours per day, 365 days per year (every day) for any registered vehicle as prescribed by Eagers Automotive.
  • Roadside assistance will be delivered nationally across any part of the North and South Island of New Zealand.
  • The frequency of calls for service is unlimited during the active service period.
  • Eagers Automotive Roadside Assist is provided by National Roadside Assist Pty Limited. National Roadside Assist Pty Limited work with a number of accredited roadside providers in NZ to ensure you receive the best service possible in a timely manner.
  • Eagers Automotive Roadside Assist specifically covers the vehicle, not the driver.

Eagers Automotive Roadside Assist Benefits


Once a service call has been received on the Eagers Automotive freecall telephone number (0800 4 Eagers AutomotiveNZ or 0800 4244 69), our team of qualified Customer Service Assistants will provide advice specific to the operation of your motor vehicle. Should the vehicle be immobilised, where possible, over-the-phone diagnosis to enable vehicle mobilisation will be provided.

1. Roadside Response

Simply call our Freecall number and speak to our friendly operator 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. We will assist with flat tyres, flat batteries, out of fuel (5ltr top-up at driver’s cost), even lock-outs up to $77.

2. Towing Breakdown

If you break down and your car is unable to be safely driven, we will transport you and your vehicle back to an Eagers Automotive Dealership within 50km.

3. Car Hire & Accommodation

In the event of a major vehicle breakdown more than 100km from your registered residence (which sidelines your vehicle for more than 48hrs) we will assist you with up to $400 for accommodation and car hire costs. (Excludes fuel, km charges, administration charges, rental insurance/cover excess reduction, one-way drop off/collection fees, meals).

4. AmbulanceCover

In the event of an accident where the registered vehicle is involved, and the driver or passengers require the services of an ambulance as a result of that accident, we will assist with ambulance cost up to $400.

5. Limits of Cover

Towing fee is free up to 50km, any towing in excess will be charged at prevailing rates. An excess may apply to areas that are more than 50km from the nearest provider.

View Eagers Automotive Roadside Assistance T&C’s

Eagers Automotive reserves the right to withdraw service where use is excessive due to lack of regular maintenance or the failure to rectify any ongoing fault. Any roadside assistance services that you may require within the first 48 hours after registration will be at your own expense.

The roadside assistance membership is valid for the vehicle, not just for the person who owns the car. This means that all family members will be covered for the unexpected when they are driving the vehicle as well.

An excess will apply to tows more than your coverage limits. Quotes for the excess can be provided upon request at the time of the call for assistance.

Exclusions & Limitations

  • Vehicles used for hire or reward including rental and loan cars.
  • Vehicles that require specialist or heavy equipment for removal, extraction from multi-storey or underground car parks, are bogged or are not within easy reach of a public road.
  • Vehicles which have been involved in an accident/collision or have sustained damage due to impact, malicious or criminal damage and/or flood damage.
  • Heavy vehicles, trucks and equipment over 3.5t gross weight.
  • Ferry/barge costs, freight costs, including tolls and sea crossings.
  • National Roadside Assist will not be liable for increased/additional costs and expenses as a result of a breakdown in a remote location.
  • Service may be refused for unregistered vehicles and vehicles that are not roadworthy or that have been modified from the manufacturer’s specifications i.e. excessively lowered vehicles, modified for racing/4x4 tracks.
  • Repeated/excessive call-outs due to driver related faults, aftermarket accessories, vehicle neglect or abuse, as reasonably determined by NRA or its contractors, including pre-existing faults and faults/breakdowns caused by a nonauthorised repairer.
  • NRA at its discretion may refuse service or suspend/cancel a driver’s membership if they are deemed abusive, threatening or violent towards NRA staff or its contractors, or attempts to receive service by deception or has any excess owing for previous call-outs.
  • In the event that a driver requests their vehicle be broken into, whether to recover keys/belongings, NRA or its contractors will not accept responsibility or liability for damage that may occur as a result.


Eagers Automotive considers the security of your personal information as an important and necessary part of the responsible management of our data. Eagers Automotive therefore takes all reasonable steps to ensure that your information is secure and safeguarded from loss, misuse, unauthorised access, modification or disclosure. We will only disclose personal information in order to fulfil our obligations in respect of the provision of services to our customers. This document was correct at time of issue and is subject to change without notice.

Your Eagers Automotive Roadside Assist is offered by Automotive Holdings Group Limited ABN 35 111 470 038.

Eagers Automotive Roadside Assist is provided by National Roadside Assist Pty Limited ABN 87 122 453 936.

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