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Eagers Automotive NZ celebrates 1,612 years of combined long service

Last night the Eagers Automotive New Zealand Team celebrated commitment, camaraderie and success at their 5th annual Long Service Awards.

The evening formally celebrated 1,612 years of combined service from 84 long service members across nine Auckland dealerships (John Andrew Ford, North Harbour Ford, John Andrew Mazda, North Harbour Mazda, West Auckland Nissan, Manukau Nissan, Davie Motors Holden, Auckland Motors Mitsubishi and Manukau Hyundai) and the Corporate Team.

The event, held at the stunning Mantells waterfront location in Orakei, was the first event Eagers Automotive New Zealand were able to formally recognise the 13 long service members from recently acquired dealerships Manukau Hyundai and Auckland Motors Mitsubishi.

Guests included members of the senior Corporate Team and Eagers Automotive Managing Director John McConnell and Chief Operating Officer Franchised Automotive Tony Cramb visiting from Australia.

Tony shared how delighted he was to attend the event, commenting how much he enjoyed the Dealer Principal’s personal words about each award recipient.

16% of Eagers Automotive NZ’s workforce are long service members and impressively, their combined service of 1,612 years represents over 60% of the Group’s total combined service (518 employees with combined service of 2,629 years).

30 milestone awards were presented during last night’s event, with recipients spanning eight of the Group’s nine dealerships and the NZ Corporate Team. Awards included seven ten-year gifts, 12 15-year gifts, five 20-year gifts, five 30-year gifts and one 40-year gift. Each Long Service employee, regardless of whether they were receiving an award, was also gifted a personalised, engraved key tag honoring their years' service to Eagers Automotive NZ.

Mike Falanitule, our 40-year award recipient, started with Auckland Motors Mitsubishi in 1979. He progressed to foreman and then to service advisor and during his time with the business, has looked after three generations of families! Dealer Principal David Geary remarked “Mike always gives his best and goes above and beyond his duties every day. He is a true asset to our service department and dealership and I am extremely proud to stand here tonight and award him for his service”.

For the first time this year, Eagers Automotive NZ opted for an online registry for award recipients to choose their milestone gifts. Awardees were invited to access an online portal to select their preferred gift within the designated award category. Gifts selected this year included various watches including Longines and Garmin Fitness watches, golf clubs, power tools, smart TVs, coffee machines and briefcases.

Following its successful launch last year, the lucky spot-prize raffle draw returned, with 10 lucky guests having the opportunity to take home prizes including bluetooth speakers, BBQ utensils, backyard cricket sets and craft beer glasses.

Country General Manager, Mike Critchley said “although we can only formally recognise and award those entering new milestone years this evening, we salute and thank every one of you for your commitment, dedication and continued support to our business.”

2019 Awards

10 Years

Auckland Motors Mitsubishi

Murray Davis

Pavan Bathija

Japie Nel

Les Brooker

Mike Trowill

Manukau Hyundai

Ravindra Deo

Justin Wilson

15 Years

Eagers Automotive NZ Corporate

Aaron McDonald

Auckland Motors Mitsubishi

Sam Sauni

Peter Henry

North Harbour Ford/North Harbour Mazda

Dave Daniels

Rosetta Campbell

Charles Smith

Davie Motors Holden/Manukau Nissan

Richard Verheyen

John Andrew Ford/John Andrew Mazda

Anis Sharma

Marie Young

Lee Grunsell

Deborah Sadgrove

Sanjay Goundar

20 Years

Davie Motors Holden

Terry Perumal

John Andrew Ford/John Andrew Mazda

Brad Horgan

Jason McLeod

North Harbour Mazda

Nobby Marcelo

Nick Brotherson

30 Years

Auckland Motors Mitsubishi

Barry Cooper

Darryl Johanson

Steve Summerfield

John Andrew Ford/John Andrew Mazda

Brian Boyle

North Harbour Ford/North Harbour Mazda

Peter Salvidge

40 Years

Auckland Motors Mitsubishi

Mike Falanitule

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