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Eagers Automotive NZ celebrates 1,400 years of combined long service

On August 2nd 2018, in a beautiful Tuscan Villa setting, the Eagers Automotive New Zealand Team celebrated commitment, camaraderie and success at their 4th annual Long Service Awards.

It was Mike Critchley’s first event as Country General Manager and he remarked he was immensely proud and humbled to not only host, but be a part of such a special occasion.

Speaking of the event, Mike said “although we can only formally recognise and award those entering new milestone years this evening, we salute and thank every one of you for your commitment, dedication and continued support to our business.”

Whilst the evening formally celebrated 1,396 years of combined service from 78 long service members across seven Auckland dealerships (John Andrew Ford, North Harbour Ford, John Andrew Mazda, North Harbour Mazda, West Auckland Nissan, Manukau Nissan and Davie Motors Holden), 94 people were invited to attend the relaxed cocktail and canapé event at Mantells Mount Eden.

Guests included 16 long serving members from recently acquired dealerships, Auckland Motors Mitsubishi and Manukau Hyundai. After a full 12 months of ownership, Mike said he looks forward to honouring these special employees with awards, and also add a further 300 years of combined service to the already remarkable achievement across the Group.

17% of Eagers Automotive NZ’s workforce are long service members and 17 milestone awards were presented during last night’s event, with recipients spanning six of the seven eligible dealerships. Awards included 12 ten year gifts, two 15 year gifts and three 20 year gifts.

A surprise raffle-ticket draw completed the evening with eight lucky guests having the opportunity to take home spot prizes including re-usable coffee mugs, picnic blankets and glassware sets.

To make the occasion even more special for NZ’s General Manager, Mike was recognised by Chief Financial Officer Paul Bruce with a 20 year long service award.

2018 Awards

10 Years

Eagers Automotive NZ Corporate

Mark O’Donoghue

John Andrew Ford and Mazda

Alex Xian

Hamendra Narayan

Gretchen Boyd

Jonathan Van Beynen

Siraz Ali

North Harbour Ford and Mazda

Gabriel Berga

Jessica Fraser

Liz Stewart

Steve Fraser

Davie Motors Holden

Abdul Asseev

West Auckland Nissan

Stephen Burns

15 Years

John Andrew Ford and Mazda

Carol Gumr

Corrie Botha

20 Years

AHG NZ Corporate

Michael Critchley

Davie Motors Holden

Teresa Ying

North Harbour Ford and Mazda

Robert Emery

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