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Specialised Finance in these Special Times
A message from Eagers Automotive NZ’s Group Finance and Insurance Manager, Steven Te Waiti:

There’s no doubt it’s strange times for our customers, both private and business buyers. Employers and employees are largely unclear as to what the future will look like as we move between the COVID-19 alert levels and change is happening rapidly, being assessed day by day.

What is abundantly clear is that businesses, and by extension customers, are likely to be operating in unique ways for the foreseeable future. And who knows? These operation practices may settle into what is considered a ‘new normal’ and may never go back to pre-COVID-19 ways.

Whatever happens going forward, at this point I truly believe the key to surviving this unprecedented time financially will be CASH! Whether it be money in savings or access to funds, cash is King. For businesses, their King is cashflow.

Throughout my 30+ year career in finance and the automotive industry, I’ve put a lot of effort into advising customers to keep their cash and leverage smart credit facilities instead. For motor vehicle dealerships rather than paying cash for a vehicle, finance it and keep your money in the bank for a rainy day.

That ‘rainy day’ has arrived ladies and gents, and it’s come in force!

When you first purchase a vehicle, this is the time you can maximise the amount you could borrow against it. Finance companies will usually lend up to the value of the vehicle plus any accessories. As the vehicle depreciates so does the amount a finance company will lend against it.

A question I get asked a lot is why should I use Eagers Automotive Dealership’s finance? It’s quite a simple answer really; our Business Managers are finance and insurance specialists. Trained experts who will listen to your needs and leverage leading NZ financier or insurer relationships to structure a solution specifically to you and your circumstances. Eagers Automotive’s extensive and longstanding industry relationships enable our Business Managers to often source bank-beating finance rates and favourable terms ensuring a truly tailored package.

Want to know more about what we can offer in the finance space? Options include^: Payment holidays or deferred payments, finance from no deposit, split term packages such as 1/3, 1/3, 1/3 contracts or refinancing current credit arrangements. We can even provide varying finance payment structures that flex when you most need it i.e. maternity finance plans that have lower payments during parental leave when a parent may not be working.

Thinking about insurance? We can arrange extended mechanical warranties and vehicle insurance, Tyre and Rim insurance and GAP insurance. We even offer a range of products that will ensure you can protect the life of your investment such as paint protection, fabric or leather protection and UV window tinting.

The bottom line is our Business Managers are here to protect you by structuring unique finance and insurance arrangements that suit not only a business’s cashflow but also an individual’s income stream. While keeping your cash will be King, there’s no doubt especially in these times, that these kinds of solutions are Queen.

With all this said, there’s never been a better time to finance a vehicle. Interest rates are at an all-time low, lenders are lending and stock is abundant. Eagers Automotive has nine Auckland dealerships, seven leading brands and thousands of new, used, demonstrator and pre-registered vehicles available. Surely something for even the most discerning of customer!

So, if you’re keen to understand more about how we can help you to fund a new vehicle, we’d love to talk. Our Business Managers are available for confidential, contactless consultations over phone or video chat. Get in touch stewaiti@Eagers Automotivenz.co.nz

Finally, I’d like to acknowledge and thank our finance and insurance partners for the support and assistance they have provided our customers during this unusual time. Your flexibility and understanding you have shown has been much appreciated.

Stay safe and kia kaha,



Steven joined Eagers Automotive NZ in September 2018 with more than 30 years of automotive experience under his belt. His expansive sales and finance experience is drawn from a diverse career spanning dealership and industry roles including credit controller, BDM, BM and used vehicle sales manager.  Notably, half of Steve’s career to date can be attributed to his time working at UDC Finance where he oversaw branded finance for brands including Ford, Mazda, Honda, Hyundai, Isuzu and Suzuki.

Steve now leads the Finance and Insurance Team across the Eagers Automotive NZ dealerships; John Andrew Ford, John Andrew Mazda, North Harbour Ford, North Harbour Mazda, West Auckland Nissan, Manukau Nissan, Davie Motors Holden & HSV, Manukau Hyundai and Auckland Motors MItsubishi

*Finance is subject to credit criteria and finance company approval. Fees, Terms and Conditions Apply.

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