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Ravikash Sharma | Manukau Nissan Technician

Ravikash Sharma

Eagers Automotive would like to extend a big congratulations to Manukau Nissan Technician, Ravikash Sharma, who has recently been announced as one of two New Zealand finalists for the regional Finals of the Nissan Service Technician Excellence Competency Award (NISTEC) 2023.

We sat down with Ravikash, so he could give us further insight into this impressive achievement.

What is your background at Manukau Nissan?
“I have been in Manukau Nissan for about 8 years. I was studying in Unitec for Bachelors of Automotive, until my close friends highly recommended I apply for a superior opportunity at Manukau Nissan which was starting apprenticeship there. I began to pursue furthermore in doing the Nissan training which was certified technician, advanced technician and master technician, I then moved forward in doing the EV heavy technician training too. Many opportunities have come by, I have chased and worked hard for it and surely look forward to do so.”

What exactly does the NISTEC Awards entail?
“The NISTEC awards is a competition that tests your technician knowledge. Which comprehensively improves customer satisfaction by constant training of service staffs who deliver technical skills in daily business.

This furthermore focuses on aiming to increase motivation and tenure of dealer services which then develops the career and status of dealer service staffs. In order to achieve Nistec the technicians are required to carry out competition tasks in the designated time slot, which then technicians complete with multiple and different levels of tasks in the diagnostic, maintenance and repair skills areas too. The key is to follow the correct procedure regardless of how easy going the tasks are, technicians are required to complete tasks formally.”

What excites you most about making it to the National Final?
“I am beyond grateful to make it this far along, I have upskilled my knowledge, experiences and continue to have an open mindset in learning new skills daily. I am immensely looking forward to giving it another best shot, keeping in mind how the process actually works this time shall help this national finals.”

What is your favourite aspect about being a technician?
“As a technician, you get to experience new things and problem solve. With technology constantly evolving, it keeps you learning every day.”

Ravikash will fly out to the Nissan Academy Technical Training Centre in Mulgrave on 10th July to compete in the National Final. The winner of the National Final will then progress onto the final in Japan to contend for the Best Technician Worldwide. Once again, on behalf of Eagers Automotive, congratulations Ravikash. We wish you all the best for the NISTEC awards.

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