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Pravneel, Thanh, Kavil & Anishchal | easyauto123 Manukau

It’s not uncommon for staff to have worked together at previous companies, but easyauto123 Manukau has made quite the habit out of hiring their new team members from Menzies Aviation. Four of their staff have come from Menzies to join the easyauto123 sales team.

Pravneel, Thanh, Kavil, Anishchal


Pravneel has been with easyauto123 Manukau since the beginning, starting on as a Delivery Specialist back in October 2020 when easyauto123 first opened in New Zealand.

Pravneel first heard about the role from his dad who works for Eagers Automotive group at West Nissan. At first Pravneel was apprehensive about applying for the role; he was unsure about the move to automotive and had been comfortable at Menzies. After some encouragement from his dad, Pravneel put his hat in the ring for the role and is now very glad he did.

How does automotive compare to aviation?

“As my background at Menzies Aviation was customer service, this definitely helped with the transition into automotive sales,” – Pravneel.

What do you like most about the role at easyauto123?

“I enjoy meeting new people every day and love the team environment. The awesome management team have given me the teaching and support needed to make the most of my role, which has allowed me to progress as a sales team member” – Pravneel.


Thanh has worked at easyauto123 Manukau since November 2020. Pravneel and Thanh had previously worked together at Menzies, and it was Pravneel who told him about the new opportunity at easyauto123. At first, Thanh was unsure about the role; he was didn’t know if automotive would be for him, but after seeing how much Pravneel enjoyed the job, Thanh decided to apply and now knows it was a good decision.

How does automotive compare to aviation?

“It’s different but the customer service is still the same; Menzies was a really good background for the automotive industry as it’s a similar concept with customer service. You get to know what the customer needs are and offer a great customer experience.” -Thanh.

What do you like most about the role at easyauto123?

“The customers, even though it’s a used car, it’s great to be able to offer a new car experience. After they have taken delivery, it’s great doing our follow up calls and hearing the great experience they have had at easyauto123” – Thanh.


Kavil has been with the easyauto123 Manukau team since March 2021. He had worked with both Pravneel and Thanh at Menzies Aviation and it was them that referred him for the role. The thought of something different appealed to Kavil and so gave the interview a shot.

How does automotive compare to aviation?

“easyauto123 allows you to plan your day more, whereas at Menzies things were subject to change more frequently. If there was bad weather, flights could be delayed and things could get pretty chaotic with changes” – Kavil.

What do you like most about the role at easyauto123?

“The positive vibe. The environment you work in makes all the difference. Knowing everyone is in the same shoes as you helps and it is reassuring that when someone is away, the rest of the team will jump in and help you. Everyone works as a team” – Kavil.


Anishchal is the latest to join the easyauto123 Manukau team, having started in July 2021. He knew Pravneel, Thanh and Kavil from Menzies Aviation. Anishchal was initially going to apply for the role that Kavil secured, but held off on applying as he wasn’t sure about making the move. After Kavil told him about how much he was enjoying his role at easyauto123, and that another role had popped up, Anishchal jumped at the chance to apply.

How does automotive compare to aviation?

“My role at Menzies Aviation was more towards the special assistance role, so it’s really different but is still essentially offering a great customer experience”- Anishchal.

What do you like most about the role at easyauto123?

“Everyday is fun. I get a great team to work with and supportive management,” – Anishchal.

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