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Lee Baldwin | Group Service Manager

Lee Baldwin

Lee Baldwin, Group Service Manager from John Andrew, recently graduated from the Eagers Automotive Advanced Leaders programme.

Here Lee gives us an insight into the Advanced Leaders programme, what he took away from the course and how he will implement his learnings into the business in 2023 and beyond.

What about the Eagers Automotive Leadership programme appealed to you?

I heard a lot about this leadership program through my peers and I was very honoured to be put down for this programme, although I hold some experience in leadership this particular one caught my eye. The way it was constructed and delivered was outstanding.

What was your favourite part of the programme?

To learn the ability to influence, build healthy relationships and people management. The DISC analysis for me was the icing on the cake, understanding how people tick, puts you in good stead to help build and align your goals.

What did your projects focus on and why did you choose these particular topics?

The programme takes you through the journey from stating your vison to executing it. My projects from vison to analysis takes you there. My goal as always is to have the best service department in the world, a very bold statement, however a goal that will always be there to chase. I enjoyed putting together all my projects with my vison at the forefront of every delivery.

How will you continue to implement your learnings from the programme into the business in 2023 and beyond?

As a leader in any business, you are always looking to not only fulfill your vison but to also execute it. There are some great things coming to the John Andrew group for 2023 in the service department; making some tweaks to improve our overall customer experience, people is the hot topic for any business, and for the John Andrew group people management is key for 2023.

What advice what you give others considering going into the programme?

If you have these qualities, empathy, communication, decision-making, resilience, and delegation, with a great attitude this programme will point and help you with your future goals, the way this programme is delivered will put you onto the right path in becoming a good to great leader with Eagers Automotive.

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