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Jayson Du Toit (aka The Hobbit) | General Sales Manager

Jason Du Toit

Jayson comes with 18 years’ experience in the automotive sector and has been working with AHG & Manukau Nissan for over four years. He recently took West Auckland Nissan under his wings intending to break through the clutter in the West Auckland region. He has a champion mindset and does not believe in mediocracy in the workplace. Jayson believes in building a family and not a customer base.

Customer experience and building relationships are at the very core of his functioning. His business reflects himself and he has set the benchmark quite high. His customers are his closest allies as that allows him to exist and add value to their lives by simply doing his job in the very best possible way. That is better than any financial incentive in his opinion.

What does a typical day look like? “A lot… Lol. In its simplest, my job is to set the tone, pace and culture within the departments that I have been tasked to look after. Add a lot of process to this and HEY PRESTO…. Easy business this.”

When asked what his favourite memory from work, Jayson said “Selling a vehicle to a 20-year-old lady who had been shot and paralysed in a botched vehicle hi-jacking. It was so sad, but she was so positive that it changed the way I look at life. We did the almost impossible and converted her favourite sports vehicle in such a manner that she could drive it effortlessly despite the fact she could not walk. That was the most life-changing and emotional delivery that I was fortunate enough to do. What a powerful woman. Still brings tears to my eyes as I recall that day.”

Jason Du Toit

When Jayson is not busy striving to break some sales records for the Nissan brands, he runs, does CrossFit training and is currently mastering the art of boxing. He is a professional Ultrarunner, and a brand ambassador for Ultra Valley events in Christchurch and represents Auckland. He is an ex-boxer of 20 years and is a conditioning coach for the Box Office boxing gym in Howick.

As we discuss sports Jayson says “My Idols are NZ lifting champ Megan Signal and her husband which is my coach Callum Gifford. Also Floyd Mayweather is the greatest sportsman in my opinion, he mastered his sport, he headhunted every world champion, beat them and took their world titles in multiple different weight divisions and mastered the business of boxing. He now manages the best boxers on planet earth through Mayweather Promotions. His fighters and sons will surpass him, and the legacy of driving greatness continues.”

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