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Helena Jordan – A Good to Great Story

Helena Jordan

Helena, originally from Cape Town, South Africa with a lifelong passion for F1 and Classic cars has worked in the Automotive industry since her early twenties, starting as a Service Advisor for 9 months and moving quickly to Team Leader. Five years ago, Helena and her family packed their bags and started their life in Auckland, New Zealand. In 2022 Helena started her Eagers Automotive career and over the past two years has made a real impact within the EANZ business.

Career Milestones

Service Advisor – John Andrew Mazda Grey Lynn

Helena began her EANZ journey working alongside two Service Advisors at the Grey Lynn Service Centre. For the two years in this role, her hard work and natural leadership skills were clear to see. As the team shrunk from three to two Service Advisors Helena was happy to take on additional responsibility to ensure the customers were given an exceptional customer experience.

Team Leader – John Andrew Mazda Grey Lynn

Helena's hard work and dedication was not to go unnoticed when she put her hand up for the Team Leader role opening at John Andrew Mazda. Dealer Principal, Blair Cording quickly gave Helena the thumbs up. The combination of her excellent customer service and leadership skills enabled her to quickly take the new role into her stride. She quickly established herself as the key connection between the customer, the three service advisors and 12 workshop technicians. Helena explained the importance of building a meaningful relationship with the team as valued staff will value the customers. During her time as Team Leader, she also assisted with operations at John Andrew Ford & Mazda Penrose In addition, Helena also begun her 'Eagers Automotive NZ Emerging Leadership Programme' applying these learnings to her existing leadership and management abilities.

Helena Jordan

Helena's team at John Andrew Mazda and their spooky attire for Halloween

Service Manager - John Andrew Penrose - May 2023

After just 9 months as Team Leader, Helena was given the opportunity to progress her career to a Service Manager at the John Andrew Ford & Mazda, Penrose Service Centre. Initially, Helena declined the opportunity as she felt she wasn't ready to take on such responsibility of an all-encompassing role. After a few discussions, Helena finally accepted the role and hasn't looked back since, transforming the business whilst providing a caring and supportive working environment for the 22plus staff onsite. Helena took great pride in handing over her old Team Leader role to one of her existing staff members she had mentored. towards empowering her staff to progress in their careers. Helena set her focus on ensuring that the team were receiving the best training possible often rolling up her sleeves and mucking in to enable the capacity of her team to take part in these courses. Helena herself finished the Emerging leadership course with Eagers Automotive NZ as the Good to Great 2023 Award winner as the top of the class and now puts those learnings to great use in her role. As a leader, Helena was also awarded one of the General Managers Culture Awards for 2023, nominated by her peers.

Helena Jordan
Helena Jordan

Awards received:

  • Eagers Automotive NZ Emerging leadership Programme Graduate 2023
  • Eagers Automotive NZ Emerging leadership Programme – Good to Great 2023
  • Ford Professional Management course
  • General Manager Culture Recognition Quarterly award for 2023
Helena Jordan
Helena Jordan

Helena Jordan

Helena wishes to acknowledge Blair Cording, Dealer Principal, John Andrew Ford & Mazda for all the support and knowledge he was able to offer to ensure she could be the best she could be within her roles. For seeing the ability in her before she saw it herself' Helena extended her appreciation to her fantastic team who have worked together and supported the growth within the Penrose Service Centre as well as the support of her amazing family.

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