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Hardeep Kaur | Pre-Delivery Centre Parts Apprentice

Shamal Charan


Eagers Automotive is proud to announce our second Eagers Automotive Pre-Delivery Centre Parts Apprentice achiever, Hardeep Kaur, on her recent achievement in passing the Mito National Certificate in Automotive Parts and Accessories

This Qualification is a 22-month long programme which includes a mix of practical training and assessment, undertaken in the workplace, and eLearning, allowing the student to complete theory elements of the programme at their own pace. The student has access to videos, learning activities and course assessments, which can be easily accessed at any time and from any device – mobile phone, tablet, or PC.

The training programme leads to the following qualification outcomes:

  • Follow workplace policies, procedures, and relevant regulations to work safely and effectively
  • Understand automotive vehicle systems
  • Apply fundamental sales techniques
  • Carry out department operations including the sourcing, storing, and selling of automotive parts and accessories.

When Hardeep initially enrolled in the course her goal was to not only pass this course successfully but to beat the outstanding efforts of Brody Seymour’s 10-month completion time. Hardeep has managed to pull this off, by no means easy feat, by successfully completing and passing the qualification in 9 months – which is no doubt a huge effort.

With Hardeep’s continued passion, commitment and dedication to her career and the business she will emerge as one of Eagers Automotive’s stars of the future to look out for.

Again, congratulations Hardeep –keep up the outstanding work!

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