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‘Good to Great’ winner, Zubin Palsetia, Provides an Insight into the Emerging Leaders Programme 2022

December 2022

Zubin Palsetia, Service Advisor from Auckland Motors Mitsubishi,recently graduated from the Eagers Automotive Emerging Leaders programme.

In addition to graduating, Zubin took out one of two ‘Good to Great’ recognition awards.

Here Zubin gives us an insight into the Emerging Leaders programme, what he took away from the course and how he will implement his learnings into the business in 2023 and beyond.

What about the Eagers Automotive Leadership programme appealed to you?

An opportunity to work with other leaders in the business and have an understanding about what leadership truly is. We all are leaders in the roles we are in, but we still have a lot to learn and doing the emerging leadership course fine tunes the way we work in our environment. I am looking forward to the advance leadership course too.

What was your favourite part of the programme?

Presenting our projects to the classroom and coming out of our comfort zones. I truly did not come out of my comfort zone initially but as the course went along, I started understanding as a leader I will have many opportunities to come up with ideas, carry out presentations and speak in front of my colleagues especially the leaders above my level. So, standing at the front and sharing my idea was something I enjoyed, and I did not feel nervous at all which really made me confident.

You won the ‘Good to Great’ award for the Emerging Leaders programme; what does this mean to you?

In all honesty I was in shock. But, on the other hand I was truly proud of my achievement. To be handed the good to great award by Debbie, Mike Critchely and Darren was the highlight of my afternoon. I gained much confidence in myself and truly believe that with hard work you get good results and good results get great awards.

What did your project focus on and why did you choose this particular topic?

My project focused on customer retention, great customer service and retail growth. In our line of business our customers are the lifeblood. If we do not have customers, we make no income. My Mobile Service Van idea incorporates the 5 pillars that Eagers Automotive have created which as employees we should strongly follow. It gives us an understanding of how our business can grow just by following simple steps.

How will you continue to implement your learnings from the programme into the business in 2023 and beyond?

I will carry on learning from leaders I work with currently and take my learnings from the emerging leadership course to my colleagues as well. It is easier for my colleagues to understand what I have learnt and why I am preaching the leadership values. I would implement simple logic such as “above the line and below the line” method. Once you get an understanding of being above and below the line, you as a leader will understand how important it is to always be above the line. They will gain the knowledge of what I have preached and would also like to do the emerging leadership course themselves. But, in 2023 I am looking forward to the advance leadership course and bettering myself even further.

What advice would you give others considering going into the programme?

Be open minded. Use your current leadership methods and take it to the programme and ask yourself are they working out? There is always a way to make changes in yourself as a leader. The programme makes you come out of your comfort zone. You share ideas with other colleagues around the Eagers Automotive NZ dealerships. The course will make you understand what leadership is.

Also, with Debbie and Mike Critchley spending time at the course, they give you a better understanding of how leaders need to spend time advising you and teaching you things you as a leader would have never known. I would like to thank them too for being around for each session. I have learnt a lot myself which really will help me from 2023 onwards at Auckland Motors Mitsubishi, Eagers Automotive NZ.