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Gary Walia | Delivery Specialist easyauto123

easyauto123 Grey Lynn Delivery Specialist, Gary Walia, has been with the team for only a short time, but during his tenure he has made a great impression. Gary didn’t set out to become a Delivery Specialist, but due to a chance meeting he has found himself an exciting new career path.


Gary has always had a passion for cars. Prior to beginning his journey with easyauto123, Gary was an Uber driver working the morning 5am-9am shift. TypicallyGary would primarily work over in Auckland City, but on one slower morning he had a request come through from the North Shore. Usually Gary wouldn’t venture out to the Shore as this was not his usual route, but on this particular morning he decided to accept this fare, unaware of just how much of an impact this decision would have.

The gentleman that Gary picked up was on his way to work. The pair got chatting and the man asked Gary what he wanted to do with his career. Gary told him that he was interested in importing cars, but wasn’t quite sure how to go about it. It was at this point that the passenger revealed that he was Chris Churchward, the Group Used Car and Wholesale Executive for Eagers Automotive.

The pair spent the rest of the journey discussing the automotive industry and Chris even gave Gary a tour of the Eagers Automotive Pre-Delivery Centre when they arrived at their destination. Chris was impressed by Gary’s positive attitude and friendly demeanor, so told him that if he were to send through his CV, Chris would put him forward as a candidate for the new Delivery Specialist role at easyauto123 Grey Lynn. After an interview with easyauto123 Grey Lynn’s Dealer Principal, Gary secured the role.

“I always wanted to get into selling cars, but didn’t know how to get into the industry. It was Eagers Automotive that gave me the opportunity to pursue my dreams.”–Gary.

Gary has quickly hit the ground running at easyauto123 and has become an integral part of the team.

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