Eagers Automotive

Eagers Automotive NZ launches Culture and Values with sweet treats

November 2022

Eagers Automotive New Zealand recently rolled out their new Culture and Values programme with a surprise cupcake delivery to all employees.

The sweet treats were created to introduce the company’s five values to staff in a fun and engaging way. Eagers Automotive NZ Executive General Manager, Mike Critchley and People & Safety Leader, Debbie Reyland visited each site personally to deliver the cupcakes and spend time with each team talking about the company’s vision, mission, values and purpose.

Lovingly created by Bluebells cakery, each cupcake represented a core value with a one of Bluebells signature flavours to match; Passion (Red Velvet), Inclusiveness (Banana), Owner’s Mindset (Vanilla), Integrity (Chocolate) and Agility (Carrot).

Volunteers from all departments and dealerships across NZ collaboratively developed New Zealand’s first set of values in 2019 (Passion, Success, Respect, Integrity and Leadership) following a series of employee-driven workshops and focus groups. Following AP Eagers purchase of the company and subsequent alignment of operations over time, Mike shared how pleased he was that all of NZ’s original chosen values remained very much an integral part of the newly aligned Culture programme across Australia and New Zealand. Mike continued “this demonstrates that the values we hold dear, are very much shared by the wider business.”

During the roadshow, Mike and Debbie shared Eagers Automotive’s wider vision, mission and purpose with all employees, discussing how each pillar contributes to our company goals and wider Next100 Strategy which is to provide integrated mobility solutions over the next 100 years.

As part of each visit, Mike and Debbie also announced the roll-out of the company’s new Culture Recognition and Rewards Programme kicking off in 2023. This quarterly programme will encourage employees to not only live and breathe our values throughout all interactions every day, but also highlight and celebrate individuals who go above and beyond to display exceptional values-driven behaviours. Employees will be able to be nominated by peers or managers and Mike and the Leadership Team will carefully select five winners each quarter to recognise and reward with a Values Champion title and a $500 prize. Further details of this programme will be shared with all Eagers Automotive NZ staff in early Q1 2023.