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Eagers Automotive NZ celebrates seventh Long Service Award

November 10th 2022

The Eagers Automotive New Zealand Team came together at Mantells Tamaki Drive this month to formally recognise and award employees for their dedication and commitment to the business.

In what was the company’s seventh annual Long Service event, guests representing all roles, departments, dealerships and operations joined together to celebrate 1,508 years of combined service from the 134 employees who have been with the company for more than 5 years. These long service team members represent one third of Eagers Automotive NZ’s total workforce.

The Eagers Automotive Long Service Awards launched in NZ in 2015. The exclusive event recognises and awards employees who enter a long service milestone within the previous year. The employment milestones are 10, 15, 20, 30, 40 and 50 years.

Usually held in August, Eagers took the opportunity this year to realign the event’s recognition window (previously July-June) to encompass a full calendar year of employment milestones. This year’s event, therefore, recognised 18 months of long service milestones achieved between 1st July 2021 – 31 December 2022.

Eagers Automotive NZ Executive General Manager, Mike Critchley – a Long Service representative himself with 23 years of service to the company – led the event and expressed his sincere thanks and appreciation to all employees for their commitment, dedication, and continued support to the business.

Eagers Automotive Executive General Manager Mike Critchley addressing guests.

Mike lead the celebration of 16 milestones this year including seven 10-year awards, six 15-year awards, two 20-year awards and one 40-year award. Antony Savage, a technician at John Andrew Ford and Mazda Henderson was acknowledged on the night for his significant achievement in reaching a 40-year milestone.

Eagers Automotive Chief Executive Officer, Keith Thornton appeared on video to address the event and made a special call-out to Anthony. “Thank you so much for all of your hard work, dedication and longevity inside the business.” Keith said. “We don’t take it for granted. We know that great people have opportunities to work wherever they like so your commitment and your service to this company is truly valued and appreciated”.

Antony Savage pictured with members of the Eagers Automotive NZ Executive Leadership Team: R-L Blair Cording, Derrick Van Den Berg, Steve Fraser, Mike Critchley, Antony Savage, David Geary, Christo Bannink.

In his address, Keith also shared he recently achieved his own 20-year milestone with Eagers Automotive and was a proud member of the Long Service team himself. Expressing how privileged he felt attending the event – albeit virtually – Keith explained that he was very aware how every company talks about how important people are and that it can be a real cliché.

“But, the reason it’s a cliché is because it is true” he commented. “The difference, is the companies that really walk the talk and go out of their way to create an environment where great people, get great opportunities and are able to contribute and be included into conversations and plans for the company’s future and flourish in their roles”. Keith shared “I hope that Eagers Automotive, over the coming years and decades, shows you that we are an organisation committed to doing our best in developing an environment of great, engaged people who want to make a difference and are able to do so”.

Looking to the future, Keith spoke about the company’s ability to grow and achieve great things by ensuring alignment to values to meet vision of being the most admired automotive group.

Adding further context to what this means, Keith said “being the most admired automotive group is an interesting aspiration. It’s not to be the biggest or the best – whatever the best means – it's to be the most admired. If people were to look at Eagers from the outside, I would love people to talk about us as a company full of good people, doing good things. It’s really simple, but very powerful.”

Eagers Automotive Chief Executive Officer Keith Thornton addressing guests via video.

Long service employees represent an extremely diverse range of roles and career pathways across the Group. Positions held by 2022 recipients include dealer principal, workshop foreman, technician, brand manager, vehicle detailer, sales consultant and more.

As with previous years, milestone recipients were invited to select their preferred gift from an online portal. A range a fabulous gifts were chosen including a dual french-door fridge/freezer, an espresso machine, wireless security camera sets, the latest mobile handsets and gaming consoles, a 55” TV, an outdoor furniture setting, Bunnings vouchers and more!

2022 Long Service Awards

10 Years

  • Venki Kumbakonan
  • Gary Cornes
  • Aaron Pearce
  • Same Muzariri
  • Lance Stockenstroom
  • Robert Clarke
  • Joshua Tomlin

15 Years

  • Steve Fraser
  • Asish Krishnan
  • Alex Xian
  • Rudi Jansen Van Rensburg
  • Hamendra Narayan
  • Abdul Asseev

20 Years

  • Vinod Kumar
  • Peter Henry

40 Years

  • Antony Savage