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Eagers Automotive NZ celebrates 1,295 years of combined long service

On August 3rd 2016, at the Sofitel in Auckland’s Viaduct Harbour, Eagers Automotive NZ celebrated commitment, camaraderie and success at their 2nd annual Long Service Awards.

Paul Bruce, Chief Financial Officer shared how much of a pleasure it was to present at this evening and extended a warm welcome and congratulations to the newest members of the Long Service club. “You’ve reached a significant milestone with Eagers Automotive and are joining an esteemed group of colleagues and peers in this accomplishment” said Paul.

Paul acknowledged and welcomed senior Eagers Automotive executives Bronte Howson, Managing Director and chief executive officer, and Tony Salerno, Chief Operating Officer WA & NZ Automotive who had made the trip from Eagers Automotive’s head office in Perth to attend the event.

17% of Eagers Automotive NZ’s workforce were celebrated as long service members during the event and the evening formally recognised 1,295 years of combined service from 72 long service members across seven Auckland dealerships (John Andrew Ford, North Harbour Ford, John Andrew Mazda, North Harbour Mazda, West Auckland Nissan, Manukau Nissan and Davie Motors Holden).

Eagers Automotive NZ celebrated 10 milestone awards during the event with recipients spanning six of the seven NZ dealerships. Awards included eight 10 year gifts and two 15 year gifts.

2016 Awards

10 Years

Davie Motors Holden/Manukau Nissan

Andrew Mitchell

Intishaam Mohammed

Lynne Yates

North Harbour Ford and Mazda

Keith Shaw

Alex Zhou

Terry McKeown

John Andrew Ford and Mazda

Brett Campbell

Brent Henderson

15 Years

John Andrew Ford and Mazda

Lorna Gill

Peter Simmons