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Eagers Automotive NZ celebrates 1,188 years of combined long service

On August 27th 2015, Eagers Automotive NZ held its inaugural Long Service Awards at The Sofitel in downtown Auckland.

The evening celebrated commitment, camaraderie and success across all departments of the business and gave attendees a special opportunity to connect and engage with peers across the Group.

Paul Bruce, Eagers Automotive NZ’s Chief Financial Officer welcomed the esteemed group of employees together for the first time, commenting that the evening was about recognising and celebrating those who have been with Eagers Automotive on our journey over the past 10 years or more.

Paul took the opportunity to acknowledge and welcome Bronte Howson, Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer of Eagers Automotive who had made the special trip from Australia specifically to attend the awards evening.

During the 2015 event, Eagers Automotive NZ formally celebrated 1,188 years of combined service from 68 long service members across seven Auckland dealerships (John Andrew Ford, North Harbour Ford, John Andrew Mazda, North Harbour Mazda, West Auckland Nissan, Manukau Nissan and Davie Motors Holden).

As the first event celebrating long service at Eagers Automotive NZ we welcomed all 68 employees into the fold by awarding each of them for their most recent employment milestone. This included thirty-four 10 year gifts, seventeen 15 year gifts, twelve 20 year gifts, two 30 year gifts, two 40 year gifts and one 50 year gift.

2015 Awards

10 Years

Davie Motors Holden/Manukau Nissan

Al Hussain

Vinod Kumar

Richard Veheyen

Thiag Rajan

North Harbour Ford and Mazda

Andrew Langwell

Charles Smith

Aaron MacDonald

David Daniels

Rosetta Campbell

Ian Angove

Manju Bangalore

Ann Cridland

Christa Nortje


Christy Critchley

John Andrew Ford and Mazda

Peter Simmons

Lorna Gill

Iris Ling

Suman Charan

Cornelius Botha

Carol Gum

Sanjay Goundar

Deborah Sadgrove

Leonie Grunsell

Marie Young

Anis Sharma

Kyle Whyte

Ahmed Shikandar

Bruce Standing

Alex Xu

Ronald Chandra

Warren Rydon

Rohitendra Lal

Sanjay Dass

15 Years

Davie Motors Holden/Manukau Nissan

Aaron McDonald

Auckland Motors Mitsubishi

Jacqui Anderson

Teresa Ying

Terry Perumal

Asad Ali

John Andrew Ford and Mazda

Virendra Singh

Dragi Marinovich

Jason McLeod

Brad Horgan

Shane Nelson

North Harbour Ford and Mazda

Mike Critchley

Robert Kemp

Robert Kemp

Craig Thorne

Margaret Walker

Nick Brotherson

Stephen Grieve


Kevin Schreuder

20 Years

Davie Motors Holden/Manukau Nissan

Ian Penten

Elaine McIntyre

John Andrew Ford and Mazda

Patrick Skinner

Evan Johnstone

Brian Boyle

Paul Gardner

Paul Ah Kuoi

Ian Kirkland

Christopher Robbins

North Harbour Ford and Mazda

Richard Fish

Peter Salvidge

Brian Machen

30 Years

Davie Motors Holden/Manukau Nissan

Paul Harnish

John Andrew Ford and Mazda

Antony Savage

40 Years

Davie Motors Holden/Manukau Nissan

Neil Meyer

50 Years

Davie Motors Holden/Manukau Nissan

Frank Brewer

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