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Eagers Automotive Airport PD Centre Opening

Monday, 16th September was an exciting day for Eagers Automotive NZ as the Group’s new Airport Pre Delivery facility officially opened its doors.

The huge 13,500m2 facility is set up to facilitate all new vehicle pre-delivery operations for the nine Eagers Automotive NZ dealerships located across Auckland.

25 staff from existing operations across Eagers Automotive NZ including brand controllers, technicians, parts coordinators, quality controllers and detailers are now based out of the Airport PD centre. The team includes newly appointed Pre Delivery Manager James Seymour who joined the Group in July 2019 to lead Eagers Automotive NZ’s transition to a central PD facility.

Previously an Air New Zealand ‘Park and Ride’ site, the facility is well located with easy access to motorways travelling North, South and West of Auckland. Due to its original purpose and ability to cope with Airport shuttle services, it is well appointed to cope with the high volume and fast-moving requirements of a PD centre that is estimated to process approximately 1,000 new vehicles per month.

The new facility will have an immediate, positive impact on available space at Eagers Automotive NZ dealerships as the site has the capacity to securely park in excess of 700 vehicles with another 200 available to park inside the 7,500m2 warehouse.

Get-readys for all of Eagers Automotive NZ’s new vehicle brands will now be conducted out of the Airport PD centre, with vehicles only transported to dealerships for delivery when they have completed the full pre-delivery process; fulfilment of all servicing requirements, fitment of any relevant aftermarket accessories and products, fuelling and grooming.

An on-site parts team have been relocated to the facility to ensure the smooth movement of parts as part of the overall PD process.

The warehouse itself has been custom-fitted to include 10 pre-delivery hoists, 8 work bays, dedicated wheel alignment and belly lift hoists for tyre changing, as well as separate stations for vehicle grooming, aftermarket accessories and product fitment including window tints and paint and fabric protection.

Automotive suppliers including Fleetline, Auto Colour Matrix, Beaut Utes and Auto Tints NZ have also all set up operations in-house to more efficiently facilitate the Group’s vehicle orders and fitment.

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